Icelandic Super Jeeps, what are they and why should you take a tour in them

10526033-699008526801466-4024925517376646402-n.jpgPhoto Credit: M. T.

Exploring Iceland and getting out of Reykjavik is something everyone should do, even on a short visit. There are many ways you can explore the countryside. Taking a day tour with a large coach bus or renting a car. But, why not try something a bit out of the norm and take a super jeep tour! As quoted by our favorite super jeep company “Much of the interior of Iceland is inaccessible by anything other than specially outfitted jeeps. The terrain is rugged and difficult to access, and the best jeep guides temper their desire to tame the Highlands with a strict code of conduct based on a strong respect and need to protect the land.” With this in mind, many of our trips that we design and put together for you, when you travel to Iceland, can in fact include a super jeep excursion, either for one day or for a multi-day trip! Traveling off the beaten path, on the roads that are only accessible by special vehicles, in a small group with excellent driver guides, is an experience you will never forget!

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