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General Information

Norway, one of the 3 original Scandinavian Countries is home to stunning beauty! Majestic mountains, multiple glaciers and deep coastal fjords. Everywhere you turn in Norway there is something magical about its nature, history and culture. There are just over 5 million people living in Norway, today. The country is made up of 19 different regions or counties. Bordering to the east is Sweden, Finland and Russia (to the north). Just to the south Denmark is across the Skagerrak straight which connects the North Sea to the Kuttegat straight.

Travel to Norway

Similar to the other Nordic Countries, Norway has many different reasons to travel and different times of the year. Summer can be short, but beautiful with cool breezes traveling along the fjords. Hiking to a famous spot such as Pulpit rock can be a check off your bucket list in the warmer months, or why not experience a visit to one of Norway’s many lighthouses. Winter brings many activities such as dog sledding, snowshoeing or staying over night in a Snowhotel or Igloo.

Who Should Go

Adventure seekers- for those that like soft adventure. Hiking, kayaking, rock climbing and biking can all be enjoyed in many areas of Norway.

Heritage groups and Individuals- for those that are seeking their roots or already know where they are from, Norway can play host to a great spot for a family reunion, a visit to a historical farm or church where your ancestors lived or just knowing that you are visiting the country that your family is from can be fulfilling. Let our Nordic Experts help you plan the perfect itinerary that will help you accomplish exploring your roots!

People who want to see and learn about the Northern Lights- Northern Norway is a great place to have an opportunity to see the Northern Lights. Winter months can bring the cold clear air, so the potential to see the Aurora Borealis can be great. Our Experts can help you create an itinerary that will get you to the right areas and with the right guides that will take you out on an experience you will never forget. The lights are never guaranteed, but hunting for the lights is half the fun!

Cruisers- There is a special route along the west coast of Norway that is historical and functional. Travel with one of the Hurtigruten ships, northbound, southbound or round trip! This 6, 8 or 11 day voyage will let you experience the spectacular coastline of Norway and how it changes traveling in either direction. Watch the treeline disappear or watch it come into view. Or, wake up one morning in the bustling town of Trondheim and the next see some of the oldest mountain ranges in Europe. This is a very unique voyage that should not be missed if you have a love for cruising.

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