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Cross Country Ski from the Mountains to Oslo

From $2954 Per Person

Guided, 9 Days/8 Nights
One departure only: TBA 2020

Norway is named the “cradle of skiing” and is proud of its extensive lattice-work of well-maintained ski trails. This single departure tour starts at the mountain plateau northwest of the Olympic town of Lillehammer (the 1994 Winter Olympic). Ski on perfect trails (with the sun in our face) through the snow-covered landscape, woods, frozen lakes and open fields. Along the way, ski past small, isolated farms and mountain cabins. Nights are spent in a historic hotels and traditional mountain lodges – with saunas, log fire and delicious food. Each day, the luggage is transferred between the lodges,  so you only carry day packs while skiing. 

After three days of skiing in the mountains, continue to the northern parts of Nordmarka, the large forest surrounding the Norwegian capital of Oslo. Oslo has more than 2000 KM of ski trails. Ski from Stryken towards Oslo. The last two days of skiing take you past some small huts offering traditional bakery goods and waffles. Finish your ski trip at the famous Holmenkollen ski area, host of the 2011 World Championship in Nordic Skiing. Spend your last two nights in Oslo, exploring on your own. 

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