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Circumnavigating Iceland 2019 - 12 Day Cruise

From $6271 Per Person (price based on non-seaview double occupancy cabin, other cabins available - please inquire)

Cruise, 12 Days/11 nights
Dates: May 18 & 29; June 9 & 20, 2019

Cruising around Iceland is the perfect way to explore and search for the unexpected. Its heritage dates back to the ancient sagas, and Icelandic folk tales are rife with mysticism, elves and trolls. Icelandic nature offers stunning landscapes with waterfalls among Europe's most powerful and awe-inspiring. Iceland is located at the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a position that means that the landscape is highly active geologically, with many erupting volcanoes and geysers. Experience a variety of islands, towns and settlements, spectacular views and interesting sites, accompanied by a knowledgeable Expedition Team.

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