Faroe Islands

rnafjall-faroe-islands-faroe-guide.k.jpgPhoto Credit: Faroe G.

Custom Hike & Trekking and more - in the Faroes

From $1500 Per Person 

Semi - Guided 4-8 days
Dates: Mid May - Mid September

Experience the Faroe Islands in many different ways. Use a car rental and explore the different islands on your own, or sign up for a scheduled hiking or trekking tour and have a guide take show you the Islands spectacular scenery, history, and culture. Within this custom package you can easily add experiences such as: Cooking with a local, dining in a Faroese home, or an in-home concert. Go fishing, take a boat tour of the bird cliffs, or use that camera and take a photography tour of Gasadalur waterfall, Bour, Tindholmur and Drangarnir. Your accommodations can be either hotel, apartment or home rental. You choose. 

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