Maria Sievers

Senior Nordic Expert

Born and raised in Sweden, I came to Minnesota as a foreign exchange student in 1989.  I fell in love with a young man I would later marry and we are now happily raising two beautiful children.  I may have moved to the USA in the mid ‘90s, but my ties to Sweden have always remained strong.  Through my life experiences and extensive personal travel throughout the Nordic countries, along with over 20 years’ experience in selling worldwide leisure travel, I am fully equipped to work with clients to create their dream trip to these unique destinations, whether it’s their first trip or their tenth.  I especially enjoy creating heritage travel for clients who want to see where their ancestors came from, and putting together active vacations for clients who enjoy soft adventure.

What is my favorite time of year to travel?....Every season has its charm, but I love fall travel and chasing the Northern Lights from late fall through early spring.

Phone: 612-286-0896


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