Jan Vatsaas Schubert

Senior Nordic Expert

I was born with Scandinavia in my veins. My father is from Norway, and my mother is a full-blooded Minnesota Swede. My first trip to Norway at age 14 sparked a life-long interest. In college, I majored in Scandinavian Studies and Norwegian, lived in Oslo for over 2 years, and spent several summers in western Norway. My Swedish ties brought me to Stockholm, Gothenburg, Smaland and many points between.

Through various roles in the Scandinavian travel industry, I have been able to travel extensively, including two roundtrip voyages from Bergen to Kirkenes on the coastal steamer (Hurtigruten), and trips to Helsinki, Copenhagen, Iceland, and St. Petersburg, Russia. My passion for designing custom trips to Scandinavia is deeply rooted in my own rich experiences. Over the years, I have arranged trips for hundreds of clients. I love sending people to places I love, knowing that they will be impacted in lasting ways, because travel has a way of shaping us, challenging our assumptions, broadening our perspective, and helping us better understand both ourselves and others.

Phone: 651-204-1733


Visit: By appointment only.

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