Elaine Nelson Peik

General Manager and Senior Nordic Expert

I enjoy many aspects of the travel industry, be it personal travel and/or planning adventures for others. Experiencing new cities and countries gives travelers a different perspective on life, culture, and opens their eyes to new thoughts and ideas. Over the past 10-15 years, the ways in which one travels has changed dramatically. The typical traveler who just wanted a bus tour now requests interactive experiences. Hiking, biking, cooking, learning a local handy craft, or doing a special project for a community in need. Every traveler has a different perspective on how they want to “see” the world. Listening and then catering to those wants and needs is the essence of a good travel provider. 

My career has given me experience in the niche market of Nordic travel for over 19 years as well as time at a regional airline developing relationships and unique destinations. These opportunities have helped me be a part of the ever changing travel industry in a positive and creative way and I cannot wait to see how travel changes and evolves in the years to come.

Phone: 651-204-1740

Email: Elaine@nordic-destinations.com

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