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  • Bethany JacksonInterview with photographer Bethany Jackson
    We had a chance to interview local photographer, Bethany Jackson about her upcoming trip, travel interests, and why she loves photography. Check out her interview below! Nordic Travel Expert, Elaine Peik: Tell us a little about yourself.  Bethany: I was raised on the edge of the suburbs with two brothers and a giant forest in our backyard - so growing up we were surrounded by opportunities for exploration and adventure! I don't know whether the need for adventure is something that's in you wh[...]

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  • Customer trip Review Summer 2017
    We had an awesome trip! Scandinavia was amazing! The location of the hotels in both Copenhagen & Stockholm was perfect. We especially enjoyed Hotel C in Stockholm, particularly since the ice bar was there. Highlights for me were Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen and Gamla Stan in Stockholm. Thanks much for your assistance and for your patience with all of our questions as we planned this trip of a lifetime! Lois L.
  • Photo Credits for all on this post: Elaine Peik
One of the many colorful doorways in Tórshavn.Do not travel to the Faroe Islands if...
    Do not travel to the Faroe Islands if… 1. You prefer inconvenient travel connections.The Faroe Islands are just a hop, skip and a jump from Iceland, Denmark, Scotland, and Norway. If you like convenience, but aren’t into hopping, skipping and jumping, there are plenty of flights and ferries. 2. You love a boring view.The Faroe Islands are made up of 18 rugged volcanic islands. The total land mass is under 1400 square kilometers, but the scenery packs a huge punch. Volcanic rock, tall mount[...]

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  • Photo credit: Hannah Serena GoldsteinDenmark's Merman
    There's a new man (well, statue, really) in town and his name is Han. Check out the Sculpture by Elmgreen & Dragset in Elsinore, Denmark . If you have ever seen Han's sister statue, The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen that dates back to 1909, this should be on your list for the next visit. He's really quite impressive, his added feature is that he blinks thanks to an internal hydraulics system.
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