There is nothing like the Swedish seasons - spring and summer you can explore the amazing coasts, spend all your time outdoors and enjoy the nature, while hiking, biking or having fun at Swedish traditional events such as Midsommar. Fall and winter you can visit museums, experience cultural events, join an adventurous dog sledding tour, while gazing at the Northern Lights and perhaps staying the night at a hotel made of snow and ICE! Be sure to walk the cobblestone streets of historic Gamla Stan (Old Town) in the charming capital city Stockholm!


icehotel-winter.pngPhoto Credit: ICEHOTEL

Absolute Winter Ice

From $2002 Per Person

Independent, 7 day/6 night
Dates: December 1, 2018 - April 15 2019

Your trip will begin in Sweden’s beautiful capital, Stockholm - the capital of life and movement. Stockholm is built on 14 islands all part of an archipelago. After enjoying an urban lifestyle in Stockholm continue north - 200km inside the Arctic Circle to the world famous Ice hotel. Ten thousand years ago, glaciers carved a riverbed and the Torne River was born. Since then, the crystal-clear, pure water of the Torne River has flowed freely along its 600- kilometer path through Lapland out to the sea in the southeast. The entire ICEHOTEL is on loan from the mighty Torne River and is a place where time stands still.

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skaane-ep.jpgPhoto Credit: EP

Southern Sweden Explorer

From $1723 Per Person

Self Drive, 8 days/7 nights
Dates: May - September 30, 2017 & 2018

The province of Skaane, Sweden has much to explore. Discover stone viking ship ruins to quaint towns such as Ystad and Lund. One will not run out of things to do or see. See areas that have been inspirations for movies and mystery novels.  Skaane is a treat not to be missed! 

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swedish-lapland-treehotel-haman.pngPhoto Credit: Lola Akinmade Åkerström/imagebank.sweden.se

Swedish Lapland and Treehotel

From $4182 Per Person

Independent, 7 day/6 night
Dates: December 7, 2018 - April 11, 2019

Let yourself be put under a spell and experience the magic of Swedish Lapland. This tour will give you the opportunity to get to know the cold, far North of Sweden and its warmhearted inhabitants.  Experience a two night stay at Sweden's Treehotel along with some fun winter excursions! Trigger your adrenaline in the snow and sit by the fire, enjoying a hot cup of lingonberry juice. 

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emelie-asplund-celebration-5435.jpgPhoto Credit: Emelie Asplund, Visit Sweden

Create your own trip to Sweden

Cost: Varies

Independent. You pick when, where, and what.
For individuals or groups! 

Have you been perusing our site but don't quite find what you are looking for? Here is a great opportunity to begin something completely unique! Click the red "custom form" button below and send us a request for a customized trip. Let us know what you want to include. Are you interested in seeing that farm where your great grand parents grew up, experiencing a night in Sweden's Icehotel ™, or spending a long weekend in Stockholm? Maybe you are heading to Goteborg to purchase a Volvo, or your son or daughter is studying in Sweden for a semester? Do you prefer Countryside manors, urban retreats, or traveling by boat along the Gota Canal? Let us know and we will create a spectacular trip package based on what you would like to experience. 

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tina-stafren-the-oland-museum-3527.jpgPhoto Credit: Tina Stafren

Idyllic Sweden 

From $2007 Per Person

Self-Drive, 9 day/8 nights
Dates: May - September, 2018.

Southern Sweden offers many highlights; Stockholm – the capital of Sweden, Astrid Lindgren’s World, Kalmar, the Kingdom of Crystal, Oland Island, Visingso Island, Gota Canal and Gripsholm Castle. Go on a journey to discover all of them in just a week!

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anders-tedeholm-moose-visit-sweden.jpgPhoto Credit: Visit Sweden, Anders Tedeholm

The Real Sweden by Nature 

From $3176 Per Person

Self-Drive, 11 day/10 nights
Dates: May - August, 2018.

Sweden with its little red houses, lush nature, bears, elks and tranquility, is ready for you to discover. This trip will take you to some hidden gems in the greater surroundings of Southern Sweden. Enjoy nature with plenty of possibilities to go hiking, biking or experience the local wildlife. So, “Släng dig i väggen”  (think "go take a hike") and come to see the real Sweden, outdoors!

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aare-sweden-haman.pngPhoto Credit: HM Scandinavia

Alpine Skiing - Swedish Style

From $3194 Per Person

Independent, 9 day/8 nights
Dates: November 15, 2018 - March 31, 2019

This package combines a Stockholm city break and a five day long skiing package in Sweden’s biggest skiing area, Aare. This city is a traditional mountain village with a wide range of skiing, shopping, restaurants and bars on offer are creating a real metropolitan vibe. The ski slopes and vistas are familiar from the many World Cup events that have been hosted here and international travel magazines have repeatedly named Aare one of the world's best ski resorts.

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go-awg-ta-kanal-ho-awg-gupplo-awg-st-30.jpgPhoto Credit: Gota Canal

Gota Canal Cruises

From $596 Per Person

Independent, cruises from 2 to 6 days in length.
Dates: Late May - Early September, 2018


Treat yourself with a canal cruise on a historic canal boat – enjoy delicious food, beverages and get plenty of time to socialize. At a tranquil pace, pass beautiful landscapes, idyllic small towns and stop for guided tours. Cruises include the traditional 4 and 6 day cruises between Stockholm and Goteborg, 2 and 3 day cruises between shorter points on the canal route.

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icehotel-art-suite.pngPhoto Credit: HS

Cool Sweden

From $2327 Per Person

Independent, 6 day/5 night
Dates: June 12 - August 31, 2017 & 2018

Your holiday break begins in Sweden’s beautiful capital, Stockholm - the capital of life and movement.  Sweden’s Capital is charming, vibrant and surrounded by beauty and water - hence it’s nickname, Venice of the North. After enjoying an urban lifestyle in Stockholm continue north by train - 200km inside the Arctic Circle to the world famous Ice hotel. Ten thousand years ago, glaciers carved a riverbed and the Torne River was born. Since then, the clear pure water of the Torne River has flowed freely along its 600-kilometer path through Lapland out to the sea in the southeast. With the newly built Ice hotel 365, this amazing experience is available all year around. Thanks to the long days in the north, all energy for the new building will be produced by solar panels. Therefore, the Ice hotel 365 will be cooled by the sun.

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tour-de-sweden-haman.pngPhoto Credit: H Scan.

Tour De Sweden

From $1538 Per Person

Independent, 6 day/5 night
Dates: Wed, May 16 - Sept 12, 2018

This self-guided biking and hiking tour will take you off the beaten track in the wonderful Swedish countryside, just outside of Stockholm. Small paths winding through dense forests, hidden lakes and mile wide views stretching across open landscapes are all to be enjoyed whilst tackling the next challenging track. Just let the fresh air surround you on this active adventure. Idyllic Sweden at it's finest! 

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trosa.jpgPhoto Credit: Visit Sweden

Deluxe Stockholm & Countryside

From $1056 Per Person

Independent, 5 day/4 night
Dates: May 1 - September 30, 2017 & 2018

Welcome to Stockholm! The beautiful capital of Sweden. During this eco-friendly short break you will explore this jewel and have the chance to meet the real Sweden when you travel to Trosa – a true summer paradise that is just as idyllic as you expect it to be!

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