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Sami Immersion with Reindeer Migration 

From: $4899 per person

Escorted, 8 Days/7 Nights
Dates: April 21 or 27, 2020

Has a popular Disney movie inspired you to look for an experience that takes you into the unknown?  To move beyond tourism and discover what daily life is like in the far reaches of the north? Join our Reindeer Migration tour and live among the Sami for 6 days…not as a tourist, but as a guest. Pre and post nights in Alta are included. 

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Dates: April 21 & 27, 2020

A bit about the Reindeer migration: " Experience the Sami reindeer migration with a Sami family in Northern Norway. This is a once in a lifetime experience where you can live the life of the Sami and explore the beauty of the Arctic wilderness. Besides a  good time, you give back directly to the Sami host family with whom you travel. The Sami are the only indigenous people living in the European Union. Their fascinating way of life and culture are threatened as approximately only  2,800 Sami work full time as reindeer herders. This is a unique privilege, which is provided by few Sami reindeer herder families." 

Day 1: Arrive in Alta, Norway

Arrive in Alta and transfer to your downtown hotel. Spend the day exploring this beautiful Arctic city. This evening embark on a Northern Lights safari for a chance to see the mystical Aurora Borealis!

Accommodation at Alta hotel 

Day 2: Join your Sami host family

Your Sami host will pick you up from the hotel and you will join the reindeer and the Sami herders on the tundra. The next 5 days you will travel by snowmobile, following the yearly migration of the reindeer. The Sami have been herding the semi-domesticated reindeer for hundreds of years, and their traditional way of life is rich and authentic. Leave luxury behind and experience the real-life culture that inspired the imaginary world of Frozen 2.

Sami family description of the typical day: "For this adventure, we don't have an itinerary as everything happens in nature's speed. The Sami reindeer spring migration is a unique tradition in which reindeer move from winter pastures to summer pastures. The Sami and the guests joining the migration move on snowmobiles while following the reindeer. You sit on a sled pulled by a snowmobile. Be prepared for the bumpy journey (on the sled)! 

This is a slow down experience. There is a saying that the Sami walk with the reindeer. The reindeer are semi-domesticated migratory animals that Sami people follow. Sometimes the reindeer stock can stop in one place for a few days and other times they can move faster. You need to be flexible to take the things as they happen as the reindeer rule the migration. 

On the migration, you sleep around an open fire with your Sami host family in a tent which is set up in different locations while migrating, taking equipment, tents, and food to the next location. Your Sami host family serve you traditional Sami food. You have reindeer meat in different forms, fish, bread, potatoes, and Arctic berries. You can try traditional Sami skiing and ice-fishing when the reindeer herding duties allow it. "

Accommodation is in a big traditional Sami lavvu tent with the Sami family and fellow travelers. NOTE: Sleeping bags and mattresses are provided by your Sami host. No shower, outdoor toilet (a portable trekking toilet).  

Day 3-6: Reindeer Migration

Spend the next 4 days learning firsthand about traditional Sami life. As a guest of your host family, you will stay in a Sami tent called a lavvu, and eat foods such as reindeer meat and arctic berries. There is no pre-determined daily itinerary when following the reindeer. Perhaps the reindeer will choose to move at a fast pace, perhaps they will choose to stay put. Just relax and settle in to the rhythm of the reindeer.

Accommodation in lavvu with your Sami host family

Day 7: Return to Alta

Your host will bring you back to your Alta hotel. Spend the rest of the day at leisure.

Accommodation in Alta Hotel

Day 8:  Departure

Transfer to the Alta airport to connect with your flight home. 

Or, extend your stay in Scandinavia. 

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This package is priced LAND ONLY. If you need assistance with booking your airfare, let us know and we will be happy to help you.

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