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Arctic Skiing in Northern Norway

From $2673 Per Person

Guided, 7 Days/6 Nights
One departure only: TBA 2019

Finnmark, in the very north of Norway, is wild and exotic. On this Arctic adventure, ski across the beautiful, white plateau. Few, if any places in the world are better for experiencing the Northern Lights! Pre and post nights in Oslo included in this package.

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One departure date only: TBA 2019

Day 1: Arrival in Oslo

Upon arrival in Oslo, take the airport bus into downtown Oslo and walk to your hotel. Relax and spend the afternoon and evening in this exciting capital city!
Accommodation in Oslo

Day 2: From Oslo to Alta

Take the airport bus back to Oslo Gardermoen for your flight to Alta. Upon arrival, meet your guide and transport up to Stilla, the starting point for the trip. Get ready to ski 10 km to Joatkajavri mountain lodge. Maybe we'll already see reindeer on our way there. Joatkajavri is one of the three remaining mountain lodges in Finnmark that the Norwegian state is responsible for. The lodges were established in 1840 because people such as the priest, district sheriff, doctor and municipal treasurer needed places to stay when they had business to attend to on the mountain plateau. The distance between the lodges was then set to around 30 km, bearing in mind the time it took to walk between them or drive in a horse and cart. Unlike many of the buildings in Finnmark, Joatkajavri was not burned down during World War II, and the oldest buildings date from 1878.
Accommodation at Joatkajarvi

Day 3: Joatkajarvi to Mollisjok

The day's trip takes us from Joatkajavri to Mollisjok, including across Finnmark's largest lake Iesjavri. Leave the cozy mountain lodge in Jotka, and look forward to the longest distance on this trip. Possibility to meet a herd of reindeer en route? During the day we will ski in mostly flat terrain. However, the few meters traveled up for the start of the day will bring us up to the recognizable, and majestic Arctic landscape. You will know have the opportunity to rest your eyes on a landscape that are as big as it is beautiful. If the sky is clear, it is possible to see small mountains in the horizon. On the inner-most part of the Finnmark plateau, you will find the mountain lodge Ovre Mollisjok. The house have functioned as both accommodation and work for generations. Enjoy local, traditional Norwegian food, which tastes divine when you come in after spending a whole day skiing in the beautiful Arctic landscape. If you are lucky, there are few if any places in the world that are better to see the northern lights than Mollisjok.
Accommodation in Mollisjok

Day 4: Mollisjok to Raynastua

Orroaigiellasat, or the range of the dog as it would be if you translated the Sami word for today's area to be explored. It is a myth sprained place, really. The 24 kilometers we will ski today is recognized for one thing, wind and immensely beautiful landscape. It stretches out in all directions, and in clear weather we can spot Finland in the horizon. With your hood over your head, you will get the real expedition feeling. After 24 kilometers we will reach today's destination, Ravnastua. Surrounded by sparsely growing forest, the mountain lodge is beautifully situated within the wilderness. Here we will be served an traditional local dinner.
Accommodation in Raynastua 

Day 5: Raynastua - Engholm Husky lodge

Ski today to the very end of Finnmarksvidda. From Ravnastua, skiing down to Assebakti is relatively short and easy. However, it is a feeling of mastery and happiness when we take us down the last 14 kilometers. During most of the day we will be protected by forest, so the weather is often more pleasant within this area.   We will be picked up here and driven to Engholm Husky, where we will stay in unique accommodation. We will spend the night in very cozy cabins and gather around the fire in a traditional Sami turf hut in the evening, where we will be served traditional food, and sum up the skiing trip.
Accommodation at Engholm Husky Lodge/Huts

Day 6: Alta - Oslo

Transfer to the Alta airport for your flight back to Oslo today. Airport bus into downtown
Accommodation in Oslo

Day 7: Depart Oslo

Airport bus back to Oslo Gardermoen for your flight(s) home.

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Your Trip Includes the following:

NOTE: Ski equipment is not included. The trip does not require participants to be super fit, but you should be in relatively good shape and able to ski up to 30 KM per day.

Single supplement: On Request, please inquire

This package is priced LAND ONLY. If you need assistance with booking your airfare, let us know and we will be happy to help you.

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