Multi-Country & The Baltics

Enjoy more than one country, while you are traveling to the Nordic destinations! There are many different cultures and traditions in all of the Nordic countries. Each country has its own authentic traditions, language dialects as well as folk costumes, architecture and food customs. Let the travel experts at Nordic Destinations plan the perfect trip!

Multiple Destinations

country-sweden.Z.jpgPhoto Credit: Visit Sweden

Scandinavian Legends

From $3185 Per Person

Escorted, 12 days/11 nights
Select dates, May - September, 2017

The vibrant Scandinavian capitals are world famous for their trendsetting lifestyle and design influenced by the clean and powerful Nordic nature. Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen offer you world class restaurants serving the new Nordic cuisine, cozy cafe's and endless shopping opportunities. Feel the wings of history as you walk through the medieval, cobble-stoned alleys of the Old Town in Stockholm, sail on the spectacular Norwegian fjords where the Vikings once sailed out to conquer the world or watch the change of the Royal Guards at the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen.

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Multiple Destinations

Kviknes, BalestrandPhoto Credit: Kviknes

Northern Legends

From $3710 Per Person

Escorted, 14 days/13 nights
Select dates, May - September, 2017. 

The very best of the Nordic countries. Experience first-hand the latest design trends in the cities of Helsinki, Stockholm, Bergen, Oslo and Copenhagen. Each city is unique and has its own particular charm, culture and history. Overnight cruises from Tallinn to Stockholm, and between Oslo and Copenhagen.  Travel through the beautiful Norwegian fjord region by coach, boat and train and take the Troll Cars to the Briksdal glacier. Glittering fjords, countless waterfalls, green hills and snowy mountains will leave you breathless.
This tour has it all!

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RovaniemiPhoto Credit: Jyrki Virtanen

Destination North!

From $2195 Per Person

Independent Self-drive

Destination North is the perfect tour for those who want to explore the very North of Norway, Sweden and Finland. Lapland, island life on Vesteralen and Lofoten and the North Cape are just some of the highlights. You will travel above the Arctic Circle, which marks the entrance to the land of midnight sun and Polar nights. At the North Cape the midnight sun can be seen from mid May to the end of July.

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inuit-culture.jpgPhoto Credit: AA, Mads Pihl

Reykjavik & Greenlandic Inuit Culture

From $3670 Per Person

Partially Guided , 8 days, 7 nights
Tuesdays, June 13 - August 22, 2017 
Saturdays, July 29 - August 26, 2017

This tour combines the Viking past of Iceland with South Greenland and its Arctic, yet lush countryside. Start in Reykjavik by exploring the Golden Circle including a trip to Thingvellir, the ancient site of the Viking Parliament. Continue to Narsarsuaq in South Greenland, where you will get a chance to sail in the iceberg-filled fjords and visit old Viking sites and Inuit ruins.

Iceland's Golden Circle combined with historic South Greenland with fertile fjords, the Inland Ice Cap and icebergs.

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snowshoeing-near-sermermiut-on-the-edge-of-the-ilulissat-ice-fjord-in-greenland-mads-pihl.Z.jpgPhoto Credit: Mads Pihls, Visit Greenland

Winter Iceland & West Greenland

From $3628 Per Person Double Occupancy

Partially Guided , 7 days, 6 nights
Thursdays, February 15 - March 30, 2018

This winter combo adventure gives you the best of Iceland "The Saga Island" and West Greenland with it's Iceberg splendor! In Iceland, the natural wonders like the geysers, Gullfoss and Thingvellir National Park are sights to behold when covered in snow and the evenings become enchanted when the sky is lit up by Aurora Borealis. In West Greenland's, Ilulissat which is situated 300 kms north of the Polar Circle, great outdoor activities such as dog sledding and snow shoeing can be experienced. In Ilulissat, Northern Lights can also be spotted if the weather is just right.

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Multiple Destinations

RigaPhoto Credit: VOS

Nordic Capitals & The Baltics

From $1174 Per Person

June - August

This tour takes you on an incredible journey combining the some of the historic and beautiful capitals of Scandinavia, as well as capitals of the Baltics. You will have plenty of opportunity to explore the cities and all of what they have to offer. The tour can be extended to include Copenhagen and Oslo if you would like to see more of Scandinavia.

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