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Hurtigruten - Classic Cruise Round Trip

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Cruise, 12 Days/11 Nights
Dates: Daily, year round

Combine both the North and Southbound journeys on Hurtigruten to get the best of Norway's West Coast. Sail from Bergen to Kirkenes and back visiting 34 ports and more than 2,500 nautical miles on this round trip 12-day cruise. The best part of this round trip journey is being able to experience the same ports but at different times of the day. No matter which season or what time of year you choose, a trip with Hurtigruten will create memories for life. You will be surrounded by beautiful nature wherever you turn and you will most definitely long back for this adventure.

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Day 1: Arrival in Bergen                                  The journey begins

After arrival in Bergen, transfer by bus to the city. Your 12-day expedition to the high north starts in Bergen, a city surrounded by its famed seven mountains. Before departure you may wish to explore this cultural gateway to the fjords. After embarkation you are invited to enjoy our tasty dinner buffet, based on the best ingredients from the coast. You sail north from Bergen along the Hjeltefjord, the same route the Vikings once sailed to the Shetland Islands and beyond – you are heading to the high north. Spend the rest of the evening relaxing as you take in the spectacular landscapes, either from deck or in our panorama lounges.

Day 2: Floro - Molde                                         A day for masterpieces

If you wake up early you’ll have the opportunity to see Hornelen before enjoying a delicious breakfast. Rising 2,820 ft. high to the west, this is the mountain which according to the ancient Norse saga was climbed by Viking King Olav Tryggvason. On this day you will experience a rare venture into open ocean as we sail past the West Cape, where the Norwegian Sea opens up to the North Atlantic Ocean. You then set course toward what is often considered to be Norway’s jewel in the crown, Geirangerfjord. This is the day for spectacular fjord experiences. In the summer months, you will sail into Geirangerfjord, which is surrounded by majestic mountain peaks, steep cliffs and cascading waterfalls. In the fall, you will explore the idyllic Hjorundfjord, where only Hurtigruten ships sail.
Today’s suggested excursions (not included/inquire): Summer: Geiranger Fjord with Trollstigen Pass. Fall: Art Nouveau Walk in Alesund OR Taste of Norway

Day 3: Kristiansund - Trondheim - Rorvik      In the footsteps of the Vikings

Trondheim, Norway’s third largest city, was founded by the Viking King Olav Tryggvason back in 997 A.D. Trondheim’s architecture and surroundings create a beautiful, almost mystical atmosphere for any outing. Whether you prefer a guided tour of the Nidaros Cathedral, kayaking on the river Nid and into the city’s smaller channels, or a casual walk or bicycle ride among the beautifully restored wooden buildings in the Bakklandet district. Today’s suggested excursions (not included/inquire): Spring/Summer: Nidaros Cathedral & Ringves Museum in Trondheim. Fall/winter: Trondheim & Nidaros Cathedrals

Day 4: Bronnoysund - Svolvar                        Welcome to the Arctic!

Today you cross the Arctic Circle. This invisible border at 66° 33’ North marks the southernmost point for the midnight sun, which shines 24 hours a day in the summer. North of this line, you will see the midnight sun in summer and the magical northern lights in winter. This is where the Arctic begins.  Norway’s second largest glacier, Svartisen, is located near Ornes, the old trading village and port of call. The journey continues along the beautiful Helgeland coast, considered by many to be just as spectacular as Lofoten. In the afternoon, you sail from Bodo across Vestfjord. Then the 3,280-ft high mountain of Lofotveggen will appear on the horizon, marking our arrival to Lofoten. Today’s suggested excursions (not included/inquire): All year: Meet the Vikings. Spring/Summer/Fall: RIB Safari to Saltstraumen.

Day 5: Stokmarknes - Skjervoy                     Into the Wild

Today, the Hurtigruten ship approaches Tromso, the capital of the Arctic. Get ready for a fun-filled day packed with exciting activities, no matter what time of year you travel. Join in whale watching, dog sledding, hiking and learn about the country’s fascinating polar history. Or join a kayaking excursion, where you can admire this beautiful Arctic city from a different perspective? Today’s suggested excursions (not included/inquire): All year: The Arctic Capital of Tromso. Summer: Whale watching.

Day 6: Oksfjord - Berlevag                            Northern Lights/Midnight Sun and the North Cape

Enjoy the magnificent landscape as we continue our journey toward the North Cape. In Honningsvag, you can join a cultural walk through the town and be charmed by the colorful buildings. You will then sail through the heart of the Sami homeland to the port of Kjollefjord, an area famous for its rich birdlife. Enjoy the sub-Arctic landscape as we cross the 71st parallel north, and be sure to take this opportunity to experience the North Cape - the northernmost point on the continent.
Today’s suggested excursions (not included/inquire): All year: The North Cape in Honningsvag. Spring/Summer: Bird watching safari from Honningsvag.

Day 7: Kirkenes to Berlevåg                        The extreme North

Early birds can see Vadso and just after breakfast we arrive in Kirkenes, putting us at 30° East, further east than Istanbul and St. Petersburg. After your morning arrival to Kirkenes you will have a few hours to explore. Your southbound voyage begins in Kirkenes, the capital of the Barents region and the gateway to the east. The ship departs at 12:30 pm and begins its cruise southward.  After lunch, head to the deck or the panorama lounge to view the Arctic landscape. In the afternoon, the ship docks at Vardø, Norway’s easternmost port. Weather permitting, you may be invited to experience ice bathing in the Arctic Ocean. Continue west along the Varanger peninsula to Båtsfjord, before reaching Berlevåg in the evening. A variety of pre-voyage experiences are available in Kirkenes.  Inquire for details.

Day 8: Mehamn – Tromso                           Surrounded by Excitement

You will dock at Mehamn in the middle of the night, and make a stop in Honningsvaag in the early morning. Your third stop will be in the town of Hammerfest, which was founded in 1789 and over time became Norway’s polar capital. Continue south to Oksfjord. After crossing open water, make a brief stop at the old trading post of Skjervøy. In the spring, the ships sails through the beautiful Lyngenfjord, surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Lyngen Alps. Late this evening, the ship makes a stop in Tromso.

Optional excursions include: Snowmobile Trip in the Polar Night (winter, spring); Into the Ice – Stories of a Polar Hero (Nov 8 - Mar 22), Mountain Hike in Hammerfest  (summer, fall); The Northernmost Town in the World (all year); Midnight Concert in the Arctic Cathedral (all year); Arctic Midnight Adventure – by Explorer Boat (summer)

Day 9: Tromso – Stamsund Lofoten            Where Nature Amazes

This morning, arrive in Harstad, home of Trondenes Church, a cultural heritage site from the late Middle Ages.  Make a short stop in Risøyhamn, a small village with only 200 inhabitants.Continue south via Sortland to Stokmarknes, where Hurtigruten was founded over 120 years ago. Go ashore and pay a visit to the Hurtigruten museum here. Continuing southward, the ship slips through the narrow Raftsund.  If weather and time permit, the captain will make a detour into the spectacular Trollfjord, one mile long, 330 ft wide, and surrounded by majestic mountains.  Continue to Svolvær and on to Stamsund, where you will see the majestic peaks of the huge Lofoten Wall. Leave Lofoten in the evening and set course for the mainland.

Optional excursions include:    A Taste of Vesteraalen (all year); Vesteraalen & Lofoten By Rib (summer); Sea Eagle Safari (spring, summer, fall); Fishing Village Walk (fall, winter); Lofoten by Horse (all year); Fishing in Lofoten (spring); RIB Adventure in Lofoten (summer); Mountain Hike in Lofoten (summer).

Day 10: Bodo – Rorvik                                The Seven Sisters

Crossing the Arctic Circle at 66°33’N is an important 'rite of passage'. Celebrate the event out on deck today with a taste of Arctic tradition: a spoonful of cod liver oil! Sailing along the Helgeland coast, pass hundreds of islets, fertile farmland, and steep granite walls rich in local lore, including the Torghatten mountain, famous for its distinctive hole through the middle. The hole is 525 ft long, 115 ft high, and 65 ft wide, and was created during the Ice Age. Another highlight is the Seven Sisters mountain range. All seven peaks are between 2,800 and 3,600 ft high, and it is easy to understand how this mountain range led to ancient myths. The story goes that there were seven troll sisters, the daughters of King Sulis, who kept them under strict control. One night, when the king fell into a deep sleep, the seven maidens slipped out. Vaagekallen, who was eager for a wife, was lying in wait. He pursued the sisters, who fled southward down the coast. Several other trolls joined the chase to either capture or rescue the sisters. When night turned into morning, the troll sisters and their pursuers were petrified, since the sun turns all trolls to stone.  These 'trolls' became the rocks and mountains that today make the Helgeland coastline one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Next, make a short stop at Nesna, an idyllic old trading post, before moving on to Sandnessjoen.

Optional excursions include: UNESCO Vega Archipelago (summer); Gateway to Helgeland (spring); Meet the Salmon (summer); Bronnoysund Village Walk (all year); Explorer Boat Adventure in Helgeland (summer).

Day 11: Trondheim – Aalesund                 In Cod We Trust

Today provides an opportunity to explore the city of Trondheim.  Back on board, head out into the majestic Trondheimsfjord, which is 105 miles long and up to 16 miles wide. Like all other Norwegian fjords, it is very deep, plunging to 1,900 ft.

As we sail along the coast, you discover the importance of fishing to Norwegian coastal communities. Kristiansund’s location has steadily provided the town with abundant opportunities in the fishing, shipbuilding, and oil industries. Today, Kristiansund is regarded as Norway’s 'dried cod capital' because of its longtime export of salted, dried codfish.

Optional excursions include:  Breakfast by the Water's Edge (summer); Trondheim City Walk (summer, fall, or winter); Trondheim and the Nidaros Cathedral (all year); Bergtatt - a Magnificent Marble Mine  (Sept. 15 - April 30); The Atlantic Road (spring or summer).

Day 12: Bergen                                         Final Chapter of the Fairy Tale

A few nautical miles south of Floro, navigate the mouth of the mighty Sognefjord and admire superb views of this magnificent, island-studded coastline. Disembark in Bergen this afternoon, taking with you memories of a unique journey filled with unforgettable experiences and authentic interactions with local people, diverse wildlife, and stunning nature.   

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